Mentor Coaching is one of my favorite ways to spend my time in my business. I have been a Mentor Coach since 2001 and I have mentored countless Coaches to Success in their Businesses, Graduations and Certifications.

Whether you are ready to renew or apply for your ACC, PCC or MCC credential, feeling rusty in your Coaching Skills, want support and feedback on your Coaching Sessions, want to get out of your own way in your Coaching or Life, or you want to Grow and Succeed at higher levels in your Coaching Business, Mentor Coaching is the next step for you.

There are two types of Mentor Coaching and I do both. 

  1. ICF Professional Mentor Coaching is Skills based Coaching and is required by your Training Program and by the ICF to graduate and get certified as an ICF ACC, PCC or MCC. According to the ICF: Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level. 

  2. Mentor Coaching for Business and Personal Development is the original Mentor Coaching and while it is not required, ALL of the Coaches who I know who have succeeded in coaching to the level they desire have invested in this type of Mentor Coaching.

Be sure to check out the One on One option and the Group Coaching Option to find the method that works for you best. 

All One on One coaching is done over the phone and are not recorded. Group Mentoring is over Zoom and is recorded and accessible to you permanently through The CoachPath Coach School online platform portal. In both cases, if required by your training program, I will provide a letter of support once you have reached the level of graduation or certification you seek and completion of the number of hours required.  

My Style is very warm, loving, and caring, while also being direct, edgy, and challenging. I really do want you to succeed and that comes across in my “velvet hammer” approach. I work best with people who are passionate about Coaching, want it to work for them and who are willing to put in the work necessary to grow as a person, a coach and as a business owner. 

If that sounds like a good fit to you, please email me at to check my availability for new clients (I often have a wait list especially for one on one mentor coaching) and set up a time so that we can ensure we are a good match. If either of us do not feel a good connection or there is a style mismatch, I am happy to refer you to another Mentor Coach who may be a better fit for you. 

If we do decide to work together, we are both making a commitment to be fully engaged with one another, to set and maintain clear expectations and to be present to the process of growth as coaches.

Here are my programs and prices for One on One Mentor Coaching

One on One on going Mentor Coaching for ACC, PCC, and MCC

Mentor Coaching Package

                   Currently 2 Spots Open

One-on-One Mentor Coaching Packages:

  • 10 Pack – Receive 10 hours of one on one Mentor Coaching

    $1800.00 or two payments of $915.00.

    -- To be completed in a 5-month period from the first session forward.

    -- If for ICF Mentor Coaching, coaching must be around the ICF Core Competencies and Coaching Skills in every session.                                                                                                                -- BUSINESS and/or Personal Development Mentor Coaching. 

-- $175 per recorded session review. (If you choose to have me listen to your recorded sessions)

Ongoing Mentor Coaching

Currently 1 Spot Open

  • 2 session per month
    -- $450.00 per month for 6-months 
  • 3 session per month
    -- $525.00 per month for 6-months  
  • $175 per recorded session review. (If you choose to have me listen to your recorded sessions)

  • You may move from to 2 or 3 session per month or from 3 to 2 sessions per month at any time if you a let me know before the end of the month prior to this change. I will add or subtract $100.00 per month for each session.

  • After the initial 6-months we will reassess and determine future coaching possibilities and needs. 

  • Since these sessions are ongoing, you can bring any topic you want to these sessions  

Please contact me to discuss Mentor Coaching. I often run a wait list so even if you are not ready just yet, contact me to assess compatibility or to get the ball rolling.